Who am I?

Hey, lovely to meet you on my small side of the internet. I'm ArrowSparkle (or Aspen, whichever name you prefer :p) I'm a writer mostly, though I do knit, write music, and do a fair bit of game development. I also love researching random topics. Taking a gap year before university so will have more time for this site. Any pronouns. Whilst I'm fairly new to using open source software (around June 2021 I heard about the fediverse etc etc), and developed a love for the old internet, I do think it's a decision I don't think I could ever regret even though it had been a kinda impulsive change. This site will unfortunately be a little inactive, but that will change after I'm done with exams.

Why creative commons?

Honestly, I think it ultimately comes down to a lot of reasons, but without going in too deep, I think it's mostly the fact that I don't see why I should be able to own the ideas behind my works. I think it's crazy to me how a lot of old classics would arguably be seen as copyright infringement if they were created in the modern day. Even Shakespeare, using Romeo and Juliet as an example, took inspiration from other sources. I believe copyright fundamentally goes against what art truly is, and whilst that's slightly cheesy, it is why I probably won't ever (unless if it's profit--) release any of my works under licenses that don't allow distribution of my work (reasonably) freely.

Future plans

-Start posting videos on the peertube -Getting rid of any current proprietary software I still use (right now, biggest victim is unfortunately my phone) -Weekly short-stories and blogs -Focusing on getting some graphics done for this website. -Get more content done related to knitting, game development and all my other interests -Creating more 3D stuff (both for games, and just general random stuff) for my pixelfed. -Reviews (maybe re-writing some of content I consumed a while ago) - mostly literature and webtoons, though, since I consume other mediums rarely. -Find a few websites every week to add to the websites recommendations.

FAQ(or realistically questions I want to answer)

{To be completed}

Some fun random stuff

I write like
H. G. Wells
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