The Void

A place for outcasts

A Little About Me

I'm Aspen, I'm 18 years old and I'm agender (they/them). I have a lot of free time right now, so been working on projects and trying to get them out there. I most of the time try to get the most out of my free time, but occassionally you may spot me reviewing games or something the once in a blue moon I play them. Some games I had enjoyed throughout my life have been Cave Story, Xonotic, and Battle For Wesnoth.

Whilst video games may be a small part of my life, art is not. I mostly spend time in a variety of fields in the arts, and try to develop my skill set further. This site, alongside any others, are places to project my journey in many different fields. From game jams to clothes designs to random deep dives into research, expect this small part of the internet to be a big ball of chaos.

About The Website

This website will feature a wide variety of content such as any projects I work on, alongside being a place for opinions and the like. I also tend to use creative common licenses, so you will see anything I make frequently licensed under a more permissive license. I hope something useful can come out of this small palce of mine on the internet. Somedays I do wish we could go back to the days where the internet as people know it wasn't mostly dominated through going through four-five sites, and I hope this little website can also serve as a small little reminder of the web that could have been.


This website will try to feature English, Polish, Swedish and French translations as much as I can, however I can only promise English for my works. I believe there is a large amount of importance to be put on expanding the languages you can speak, but that'll probably be it's own section.